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Someone who fancies the same sex..
"It comes with the gaygenes."

"Gay genes?"

"One word. Gaygenes, depending on how long you've fancied the same sex."

"Since I was six, and my mothers Dolce & Gabbana bags held certain appeal."
by Smiler (: December 03, 2010
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A gene, which possesed in a pair, makes one gay. If a person is only a carrier of the gay gene (meaning they only have one gay gene and one hetero gene) then the person is only subject to acting "gay" half of the time but does not sleep with the same sex, usually.
"That Dustin has the gay gene, I just saw him download a whole batch of gay midget cowboy porn."


Katie: "Yea, I know Dustin is married to a woman named Amanda but did you see how gay he always acts?"

Chris: "That is because he is a carrier of the gay gene."
by modenapsu February 16, 2008
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A slang term for Eugene, Oregon among other Pac-12 schools.

Reason: People just hate the Ducks, and all their hideous sports renovations (most particularly the new basketball court)
Hey have you visited your friend Eugene lately? WHY THE FUCK WOULD I EVER GO TO GAYGENE?

A lot of Bacon's go to Gaygene I heard
by 1Ya7Know5Me3 February 14, 2011
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