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Is an annual event at Disney World on the first Saturday in June, this is just an chance for the gay community to love the mouse. There are other parties and stuff the same week. This is not sponsered by Disney in any way but if you go wear red to show your gay pride.
I went to gayday and had the time of my life.
by James Eddy May 16, 2006
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When a boy named brandon gets his wish and all the most flaming raging gayest of all gays meet him in fairy land and dress him up like a chocolate sunday and lick all the topping of of him and then they give it to him from all angles and he screams in pleasure then goes and prances in the meadow with all of the raging hommomomos
"i cant wait for Gay Day so i can get it from behind all day from flaming homosexuals!" says brandon
by Leah Gasssssssss July 22, 2008
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gay day is the day for gays, theys and non binary babes.
gay day is on november 3rd
gay day is also associeres with : louis tomlinson stans
dakotah: hey are u up for a movie on november 3rd
julia: oh sorry no november 3rd is gay day, so imma have some self care
by a gay louis stan December 14, 2020
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Have sex with the same gender on this day :):)
Her β€œwhat day is it”
Me β€œgay day”
her β€œoh ill go have sex with my friend becca”
via giphy
by IEatMen0202 October 21, 2020
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