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A very versatile word. Often used as a way to describe a complete mess of things, similar to cluster fuck. Could be used to describe something unpleasant or confusing.

Derived from Strong Bad email #173 "the paper."
That test was such a garglemesh. Suppose that's what I get for never going to class!

Can you believe her performance? What a garglemesh!

Shorry 'bout the baffroom. I kinda left a glarglepshh in there.
by razzbarry December 06, 2008
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noun;verb;adjective; use in a verity of different ways, mostly for something amazing, but can be used for something thats hilariously terrible, but in a way can be used as something perfectly chill.
anything really, it just has to qualify under the criteria.
1. That flame thrower you made was VERY Garglemesh.
2.That wipe out was totally Garglemesh
3.I am feeling kinda Garglemesh today
by Ornalo October 14, 2008
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