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(1) When the testicles become sticky and sweaty after a long hot day, on a person who hasnt had a shower in more than 24 hours. The smell of this resembles that of hot garbage. See also swamp nuts.

(2) When the testicles and taint become chaffed and painful after a long hot day. When dingleberries are present, the smell will mimic hot garbage.

(3) An expression of frustration. Can be used in place of swear words such as dammit, fuck, shit, etc.
1. Man, Ive got garbage balls again from camping out all weekend in the Georgia heat. My old lady wont touch me because of it.

2. Ahh garbage balls. I tried to get her number, but she said "get lost youve got garbage balls".

3. You'd better get some baby powder on those garbage balls!!
by Hoyt of Garbagetown January 14, 2008
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