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A person who blindly follows gangster/whoreish music-media and trends. Normally a gangsterho surrounds themselves in the latest fashion fabs and styles.

Such things include:

vintage clothing, baggy clothing, huge hoop earings, lipgloss you could skate on, over exagerated eyeshadow/eyeliner, music with vocals that have long, nasalated words, a person that wears clothes that show extremely close to parts that are illegal when shown in public, snobs, people that talk shit behind the backs of others, people that are addicted to an expensive brand of clothing or makeup and flaunt it,people who are very territorial about their shoes
Gangsterho1: Oh-My-God! Did You See JoJos New Video??? :-)

Gangsterho2: Yeah!!! It Wuz Lyke So Awsome!!! Hey 2day I Went 2 Tha Mall And Got Sum New Baby Phat Stuf Oh-Mi-Gawd It Looks So Totalie CutE!!

Gangsterho1: O I Went On Thurzday And Got My Chanel Earings Dey R So Kewl!

Gangsterho2: Awsome!!! Oh-My-God Luk @ TV!!! Sean Pauls ON!!!!! <333333


Gangsterho: 'ooomg my new shoes r ruined!! someone durtied dem nuuuuuuuuuuuu!! yay now i goe bi newer onez!!!'


Me: I think your lips are dripping.

Gangsterho: Ew omg I need to re-apply!
by fuckinRape September 22, 2006
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