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exhibiting symptoms or demonstrating the art and grind of being a gangster
or the level of gangstaosity, one's gangsta status
1. While Jim Jones is similar to Al Pacino in gangstaocity, the two are dissimilar in style.

2. Frank: Jessica, you fucking whore. I hate you, you bitch. I just might kill you.
Timmy: He might bitch. He might say "fuck the law, fuck staying out of prison, fuck my anal virginity" and kill you.
Frank: Tonight.
Jessica: I'm sorry guys I couldn't hear you from across the room.
Timmy: He might drive to your street, park around the block, hide in your bushes for a few hours, silently pick your lock and go to your room with his shoes off, put an artillery shell in your mouth (gently, exhibiting high gangsaocity, so you don't wake up), and set it off, killing you and waking up the neighborhood. All of it.
Frank: Then I'd rape your dead body.
Timmy: Yeah, he'd do it so violently that the coroner would think you were raped to death and then head-exploded. You stupid fucking cunt whore.
Frank: You bitch, you slut, you terd, you asshole, you jackass, you fuck dick fuck ass bitch sheleighly shit.
Jessica: I don't even know you guys. I'm calling the po-
Timmy: BITCH!

by SupaBEZ April 01, 2009
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