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A stupid ass that trys to remix new good raps songs by adding " GANGSTA REEZEAL" every 5 secs but it really just ruins the song its annoying
I went from old school " GANGSTA REEZEAL" Chevys to drop top " GANGSTA REEZEAL" Porches. You couldnt walk " GANGSTA REEZEAL" a mile in my " GANGSTA REEZEAL" Air Forces -Young Jeezy-
by Wesley June 21, 2005
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Gangsta reezeal is an expression (generally said loud as hell and by itself) to let whoever know that your rollin like a real gangsta. This is the expression that me, Lil John ,and TIP have been spittin all that time ever since "U don't know me" droppt. We all believe u should spit it when ya rollin ,smokin, playin, or even poppin off and on.
2nd definition: It can also be used in place of the phrase: "Get away from me U fake ass hussies!".

(like i said it's usually heard as an entire sentence by itself not part of one)(loudness is essential)(say it with an arrogant attitude in your voice)
by nigga bob May 19, 2005
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