A person that plays video games more than normal people do and also is interested in the gaming culture. Though the gaming geek may be a kind of geek they usually have many friends and are fairly poplular as they are not social retards, they just like games a bit to much. As the saying goes, the geeks get the girls!
The type of games that the gaming geek would play would be rpgs and adventure games that take up alot of time and are aimed at hardcore gamers, they may also like old school nintendo and other retro games.
Girl 1: That gaming geek is HOT.

Girl 2: yer i love his mario t-shirt.
by chippy009 July 12, 2006
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A game geek is someone who will sleep for 12 hours a day and eat pizza rolls while they game with their virtual friends.
"DAD! Can you get some pizza rolls for me and my game geeks!"
by Justaboywithadream December 22, 2017
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