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Permanent mark(s) on the belly, usually from a computer user sitting in his computer for too long. Usually occurs in gamers, computerholics, gamerholics, etc... Can be seen even if the user has not used the computer for a long time.

Gamer lines can be developed by following 4 easy steps:

1) Sit on your computer for a long time, for a period of one week.
2) Sit in different ways. Try putting your legs on your desk, or your feet on your desk, while crunched up. Have your left arm underneath your leg, in between your two legs.
3) Soon you'll start feeling the gamer lines developing on your belly. At first you might feel a slight pain within your stomach, but you will soon adapt to the change.
4) Once the gamer lines are fully developed, Take your shirt off, twist it around your head, Spin it like a helicopter, and enjoy your gamer lines.
*Takes shirt off before swimming*
John: Wtf?
Jason: Wat?
John: Wtf are those... lines??
Jason: Oh dude, dees my gamer lines. I got it within 2 days!
John: Sweet, I want some too.

*Before sex...*
Jason: Oh baby I'm sweaty, me take shirt off
Cindy: Eww gross
Jason: Ah goddamn it, not my gamer lines
Cindy: Gamer lines?
Jason: Yeah, my gamer lines.
Cindy: Heh, can I lick your gamer lines?
Jason: Uh... sure...
by Rodolfo S.J, September 28, 2006
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