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Announcements (primarily on Facebook) that "so and so has reached level 75 on Farmville, (or Cafe World, Mafia Wars or whatever game) and they want you to share the prize". To fellow game players they give you a chance to pick up special items for free, but to non-gamers they only litter someone's home page and give you page after page of announcements that you don't care about. These announcements are usually created automatically by the application.

It is simple to block the announcements from any given application, but many people take the easy way out and unfriend the game player, thereby missing out on other worthwhile items the game player may post.
Joe, did you unfriend me on Facebook?

Yeah, I was getting sick of all that game spam.

You know you can turn it off!

I have no desire to play Mafia Wars, so I blocked the game spam from it.
by Old Radio Collector December 25, 2010
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