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A party pooper of sorts, specific to the gaming genre: someone that willfully or intentionally would go through great lengths to interfere in the normally fun dynamics - that are the norm when people get together to play games - in a disturbing manner, without remorse (subjective) or shame (ditto).

People described as "Game ruiner" have been known to display further questionable social habits, such as glaring, ogling, gawking, rubbernecking, gloating and even resorting to bitch-slapping when confronted with their behavior.
Eddy: Don't invite Larry anymore..he is such a game ruiner douche-bag!
Brent: Not to worry, he was killed last Sunday when he tried to kick the huge domino's trajectory the local kids had been setting up for three weeks, they sucker-punched him in the nuts and one shot up in his brain, causing an instant rupture as it punctured his skull.
Eddy: .......!

Below is a depiction of the most common characteristics displayed in the average game ruiner's mimic:
by pun-ch January 11, 2016
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