Galilei is a very special person.She is extremely talented,beautiful and kind all around.If you are having a bad day she will turn that around in .1 second.She has an amazing sense of humor and huge smile.She might also have a kinda weird taste in boys but fine in general.She also loves decorating homes but hates homework.She is very mature and has a handful of confidence which is part of why she is so straight up forward .Galilei also knows how to appreciate and be thankful.She appreciates her family so much and would be lost with out them.She also knows how to prioritize.She is extremely helpful and makes time for you if you need it.She has a couple of lifetime and close friends so almost everyone wants that spot so if you get one don’t let go.
”I need a real friend

”Get your self a Galilei but be careful she is special addition”
by Iili_lili September 15, 2018
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