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A person from the Spanish town of Cádiz, where the famous Carnival celebrations take place. Gaditanos live up to their reputation as being the funniest people in Spain as they enjoy dressing up in clever and ridiculous costumes any night of the week. They are very musical and can't go more than 10 minutes without singing, dancing, or reciting lines from popular chirigotas. Gaditanos are also beach bums who live by the motto "we don't live to work, we work to live" (except they usually don't work).
"Dude, did you hear in Cadiz they're celebrating carnival round 2 this summer? We gotta go!"
"Damn, those gaditanos are CRAZY! I can't keep up!"

"Yo, two girls just walked by dressed as oompa loompas. I bet they're gaditanos"

"I think that guy slept on the beach last night"
"Must be a gaditano!"
by Rulrangers August 16, 2011
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