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a gabriel bellefeuille is a very rare thing to name someone. normaly the word gabriel bellefeuille, is a word to mean a very ugly person who has no life, no penis, no brains, no looks and that stinks. you would use the word gabriel bellefeuille as much as you would if you were in harry potter and you would say voldemort. gabriel is a f**king retard, in some point in his life he does have a mullet. i have no clue why god didnt just kill all of them and im surprised there are anyin this word without there parents killing them at birth with there own cord. everyone hates them and wishis he would go shuv a dildo up one of his vagina holes. he is a person who would be horny and turned on by numbers, horses and he masterbates to avril lavine songs. they have a tick of hitting there sholder 24 seven, blinking, yelling and dragging his right leg all around the place.
son, get away from that gabriel bellefeuille

get your pitch forkes and torches!
by alexandreceb April 13, 2012
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