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Gang banger associatied with the bloods. tends to be seen wearing duck billed hoodies and bapes. A social and school dropout. Friends with a blood in denver. Very funny. Cotton Eye Joe. Acts on instinct and doesn't really listen to people. Sawwwy Chawwwwy. Sucks the dick at fifa street. Hella funny lookin legs.
Traits/Characteristics of a gang member:
Frequently members of minorities
Possess little or no power or prestige in their communities
Lower to mid-socio economic classes
Multiple family problems
Frequently from single-parent homes; many times the family exists on welfare
No parental supervision exists during the days or evenings
Little or no parental affection or inspiration to seek higher goals and/or values
Constantly exposed to deplorable lifestyles and conditions
Constant conflict with other people (frequently surfacing at the school level)
Exposed to violence and street crime
Do not recognize the middle-class value of education
Do not recognize the importance for future success and status
Street-wise and street-smart
Previous official contact with the police
Will (by the age of 15 years) be social and school dropouts
You is a bitch, i throw you in a cotton eye joe! Gabe recht-appel smells.
by Gabe Recht-Appel April 29, 2007
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