g is the word that people say when they are being very mean and don't do there lines for voice acting crews like an ass
Person1:g (gamer)
Person2:what did you do this time person with arm and chain around her necc
by Matt Major smh December 5, 2017
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A self-styled "hardcore gamer" who proliferates the excesses of gaming culture, including its issues of elitism and bigotry against marginalized groups, and who stands opposed to the normalization of video games for a mass-market audience.
Although Gamergate has provided a unifying ideal for them, and has amplified their presence on the internet, Capital-G Gamers have existed since Nintendo Entertainment Systems were found in the boys' toy aisle, in the form of webcomic authors, arcade bullies, and internet forum posters who reject efforts to cater to the female playerbase--among countless other forms.
by Nickel Pickler July 23, 2021
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