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what scene kids say instead of using the word "Fuck", because they are WAY too hxc for all us "normal" people.
(guy)EyExxHaYtExxLyFe: UhMmMmMm, EyE tHiiNk ThAt We ShUlD BrEaK uPppp!11!!111oneone!!111
(girl)SCENE_at_the_disco: WuT?!?!1/1/1/11???!
EyExxHaYtExxLyFe: WeLl;; EyE fOuNd A gRl WiT bEtTeR hAiR tHaN YoO!!11!!
SCENE_at_the_disco: AhHhHhH!!1!!11 U r A fxcker!! EyE nEeD tO gO sLiT mI wRiStS nOwWwW!!1!!!
by Raychel Rad January 05, 2006
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