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To act 'fushungle', one must be an utter and complete idiot. This person must bathe once every few weeks, always smell like the inside of a glow stick and have incredibly greasy hair. They must also lean in far too close to talk to people and only brush their teeth once the hairs on them grow to 2 feet in length . This causes their breath to be terrible, so that when they do talk to you and lean in close enough to be able to lick you, all you can smell is plaque and glow sticks. Also they seem to have a strange urge to lean over you when in the bus or anywhere else where it is normal for one to sit. Instead they stand in the seat behind you and breathe on you the whole bus ride. Repeating everything you say or do is also a must in their books. And not just once or twice either, they must repeat and repeat until everyone the joke or phrase is old and useless. Whats that? you thought of a great joke? Tell the fushungle once and everyone at school will know it and have been told it by the fushungle at least 27 times.
I don't know any fushungle celebrities as big as that kid that goes to our school, but Michael Jackson was close
by VILMOS_JEBABOS November 17, 2014
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