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A person who believes their dog barks sparkles and poops rainbows and can't do a thing wrong.
That dog is so out of control, and it's fur mom doesn't see anything wrong with it.
by Pseudonymony July 27, 2017
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(n.) One brand of Social Justice Warrior, who has chosen dogs (or, "furbabies" as they call them) as the subject of their mission.

You will often find furmoms on social media and Nextdoor railing at other dog owners about how you "should" take care of dogs.

Their main motto is "Adopt don't Shop", implying that nobody should ever buy a dog from a breeder, but should rescue dogs from shelters instead. As such, they are fully against pure breeds, and typically refer to breeders as"greeders."

But their main pastime is spending time on Facebook, admonishing other dog owners about how they're doing it. Whether it's shaming owners for walking without a leash, buying a pure bred dog, using tools such as choke chains or bark collars, or any other behavior that in any way recognizes that dogs are animals, not people.

Furmoms are also fervent Pit Bull advocates and will freak out if you so much as imply that Pit Bulls (which they like to call "Pibbles") tend to be more aggressive and prone to biting than other breeds. Their main tool in this mission is to post photos of their very well-loved Pit Bull sleeping peacefully in their home and giving the photo some passive aggressive captions such as, "look at this terrifying killer."

Basically, Furmoms have nothing else going on in their life other than their dog and will always be there to give you their unsolicited opinions.
That Furmom just called my dog a slave because I'm training her.
by Jacaranda March 27, 2020
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