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A pejorative racial epithet that is an acronym for "Fuckin' Uneducated Nigga With Attitude", used to insult African-Americans without resorting to a hushed tone. If pressed for its definition by an astute listener (if they exist), the alternative definition is "Fine, Upstanding Negroes With Aspirations". It is used to delineate between polite African-Americans and a thug class, to be more specific than the derisive term nigger.
God damn, I am lucky to be alive after that funwa-packed drive through East STL! They were looking to jack me, and my car is a piece of shit, a Chrysler LeBaron with a bad muffler. I thought they only liked 80s-model Cadillacs. And chicken, watermelon, big asses... all those stereotypes.
by Jeffvanderlou November 28, 2013
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