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Sometimes when really crazy things are said, or have happenned, a common reaction is for someone to say,

" Man, that's really funny ! " as they laugh.

- " Funnny with 3 n's . " is a respond that means,

" Funny , that's more than just funny , its freakin' hilarious ! "

In other words, what just happened is more than just amusing. It is freaky, unique and original.

The expression literally means that the word funny does not do proper justice to the level of ridiculousness
of what just went down, so we'll throw another N in there to make it more weird.
" Dude, when John was telling that story last night about the time he shit his drawers ! Man that was funny ! "

- " Funny ? That was funnny with 3 n's ! "
by Marc O.C. & Marcel C. July 01, 2010
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