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An online place where fundies hang out, often innapropriate to the place's intended purpose. Many times will infest a chat or message listing to make it their own fundie hole. A well known Fundie Hole is the "Post Your Thoughts" link in virtually any major AOL news story no matter what the subject or topic of the article. They are especially attracted to any scientific story to insult it and promote their own religious dogma, thereby turning the entire post section into a fundie hole.
marinebiologst22 - Hey, did you read the AOL news about that dolphin with the vestigial hind limb?"
Iluvcetaceans - Yah, I went into the message section but it was already a fundie hole and I couldn't sort out any serious posts.
marinebiologst22 - Geez. Fuckin' asswipes...
by Grafikman January 19, 2007
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