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A concert gro-er who dresses up in the most hipster of fashions. Often seen in bright floral patterns, shats cut above the knee, and over-mainucured beard. Also (unseen to most eyes - - unless you're on the J/M/Z) clearly having just received a mani-pedi in OPI's Purple with A Purpose and toes Divine Swine.

May or may not be advocating for eight OH eight ALL day at COACHELLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAA

k bye.
Jamsies: Hey Gina, what should I wear?

Gina: Think a festival go-er.

Jasmines: Oh, I know, Im going to go FUN - LIKE I'M GOING TO COACHELLA!

Gina: You mean you're going FUNCHELLA style?!

Jasmines: Yes!

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