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When a member of a squad or generally anyone does something extra awesome, baller, or clutch, they earn fun points. Fun points allow people to keep track of how cool they are or how amazing they are. Someone who is really cool has a ton of fun points because they earn so many by doing cool things like: Sky diving, always having good jokes, and mooning people etc. etc. However, chaches cannot receive fun points. They think they're awesome enough already (even if they aren't).
Person A: Dude, I just won $1,000,000 in the lottery.
Person B: Wow, you just earned a shit ton of fun points.
by SharkskinJacket May 16, 2016
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Fun point ~ When someone has you at gun point and you're chronically depressed
In the dark alley, Rodney had me up against the wall at fun point. "give me the money" he says "RAWR XD" I say "I have crippling depression "
by Khaos Chicken November 16, 2016
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