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The excretion of a mucus-like substance from any orifice of the mammalian genus. Fuj can be numbered by orifice starting from the top of the head down (i.e. - 1 (left-eye), 2 (right-eye), 3 (left nostril), 4 (right nostril), 5 (left ear), 6 (right ear), 7 (mouth), 8 (left nipple), 9 (right nipple), 10 (genitalia), 11 (anal)...and if there are multiple fuj references they MUST be separated either by comma unless their are sequential order.

If there are conjoined twins then designation between twins must be used by a ".". Example: 2.1.7 (2=conjoined twin, 1=left twin, 7=mouth)

Additional spellings: fuj (ed, ing, -like, er, ee, ilation, s/es)
1. A side effect of Olestra is anal fuj (aka - fuj (11).

2. I fujed on my screen when I sneezed (aka - fuj (3,4,7) or multi-fuj (for general purposes only).

3. My wife got me so excited that I had premature fuj (aka - fuj(10))

4. I had such a bad case of the flu, that I suffered for multifuj (i.e. - nasal fuj, eye fuj)...(aka - fuj (1-4))

5. Conjoined twins where the twin located on the left fujs from the mouth (aka - fuj 2.1.7). If the right twin then it would be: fuj 2.2.7.
by Scott Horvath and Rick Maxey February 04, 2004
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