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A waiting line to no where--usually encountered when seeking tech service by phone or online.

1). A recording announces there is no one in the queue ahead of you but you are still kept waiting on hold for 20 minutes.
2). You've been waiting in a queue for 20 minutes when you finally get to speak to a live person who then transfers you to:
a). No one-dead silence.
b). A disconnected line-dial tone.
c). An unrelated automated menu that won't help you with your problem nor will it take you back to where you started.
This leaves you with no choice but to hang-up, call back, and get in the fuhqueue again hoping for a better result even though you know you'll only get the same options again.

If any of these sound familiar, then you have been in a fuhqueue too. Often, you may be in a fuhqueue for quite some time or even several times before you realize you are going no where.

It is likely some techs purposely place difficult, disgruntled callers into the fuhqueue just for fun of it.
by Uprightsofar April 19, 2011
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