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The ugliest of uglies, fuglinda is a combination of fuck-ugly and Linda.

That girl on the street-the one that makes your stomach knot-is fuglinda. Fuglinda is a faceless mulch of putrid, muccus-y flesh adorned by grotesque curvature and thick, muscular limbs.

Fuglindas are naturally found at desert raves, where it's dark, emo concerts, and various parties where men are known to become overly intoxicated. They live vicariously through their hot friend.

Take care to avoid fuglindas, as they carry an abundance of subcutaneous parasites, foreign odors, exotic diseases and critically acclaimed fupa's.
Oh. My. God. That party had more Fuglindas than a lesbian biker bar.

Take care to be sober, Willard, the Fuglindas are on the prowl
by Hoobacca March 05, 2009
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