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Fufcock- (n) A person who believes with great error that he or she is substantially intellectually, socially, or otherwise superior to anyone else because of the reputation of the college that said person attends or attended. This person is a complete idiot, and simply acts as though they know what they're talking about by using an expanded vocabulary, wherein the information presented is inaccurately verbalized.(adv: -ishly, adj: -ish, v (inf): to fufcock)
n: I'm gonna key that fufcock's car.
adj: Bryan used fufcockish tactics, such as flashing keys to his Dad's Porsche and a wallet full of credit cards to steal Aaron's high maintenance girlfriend.
adv: Joe fufcockishly stole Aaron's high maintenance girlfriend from Bryan. What a fufcock.
by Pat in the fucking hat March 31, 2006
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