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A guy that will give you only 2 options if you dont have enough money to pay for your gas after fueling. Also known as a Wegster. Option 1 is to run or drive away like a bat out of hell and hope to god you dont get caught by a green Mercury Tracer. Option 2 is he will have sex with your wife in front of you and then wait 18 years for your daughter to be born and then have sex with her snagglepuss also. It ends with a hebrew national cockshake or a fruit salad wink with a smile that will make your turds shiver in fear back into your ass basket.
I went and got gas today but forgot my wallet. I realized i had to deal with the law of the fuel warden. I didnt want to spend the money i saved for my whiskey so I left my wife to get a Wegster. I knew shed never experienced a hebrew national, so i figured it was a win, win. Little did i know that this asshole decided to wait 19 years instead of 18 and ate the embryo he first created after the first 4 months and then Wegstered my wife again. He then proceded to wait the typical 18 years to chili dog my daughter.
by papa beast mode August 30, 2011
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