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A person who not only believes in a nonsense idea but practices such even when it is absolutely clear its a totally fucking stupid idea with no basis in reality.

A person practicing fuckwhackery is refered to as either a fuckwit or a fuckwhacker.

Fuckwhackers are identifiable by their keen sense of absolutely fucking nothing and ability to turn any simple idea into a complex and non intelligable mental contortion of total garbage.

Common fuckwhackery is generally practiced by people with very low levels of personal intelligence such as creationists, the mentally disabled and those people you see screaming about Jesus outside tube stations at rush hour.

Animals such as domestic pets like dogs and cats can illicit symptoms of fuckwhackery if they injest the correct quantity of marijuana, alcohol or pet food laced with acid. Although such animals might behave just like a creationist cretard, fucktard, fuckwit or mentally disabled human its physiology is a sure sign its a stoned lower species just slightly brighter, therefore not a practiced student of fuckwhackery due to higher intelligence.
Creationist cretards being uneducated batshit crazy fucktards practice fuckwhackery on a biblical scale.

Expanding Earth you say, what sort of a fuckwit are you to believe that fuckwhackery?

No you fuckwit you can't float by lifting your own feet off the ground, that idea is total fuckwhackery.

I see so you think your cock is the biggest cos its the closest one to your face? Well that just means your a total fuckwit and master wizard of fuckwhackery.

I gave up thinking that drinking vials of water I was given would cure my poor ability to use my brain because although I originally thought it was called homeopathy it later transpired it was actaully a form of fuckwhackery.
by MumblingMickey September 27, 2011
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