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fuckshitcuntsexfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck...a string of largly popular word of profanity, usually fallowing the act of a "dumbass" or a "shithead" doing somthing dumbassy or shitheadlike to u or one around u

the more fucks the angrier one tends to be which means the dumbass or shithead is even more shitheady or dumbassy depending on the accident they cause.
your friend is having sex with an over average sized woman on the fifth floor of his apartment, they get to close to the window thus breaking it while she falls hurtiling toward the hard ground. you being on the sidewalk allowing your friend privacy to fuck his overly obese girlfriend hear somthing similar to an elephant screaming, you look up and his elephant sized girlfriend is falling towards you. you run but she lands on you foot untrapping your leg in her fat thus breaking it. you then yell "fuckshitcuntsexfuckfuckfuckfuck"
thus the friend who was fucking was the dumbass/shithead who caused an acident causing you to curse pure profanity.
by the non fatty lover June 25, 2005
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