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A word or term or phrase or sentence or suggestion of bias against diversexuality and freedom of physical and emotional fullfillment: it is used, consciously and unconsiously to express the intended or unintended, ill or adverse, direct or slang, express or implied derrogatory remark about the gay culture, lifesyle. The fuckintruth is it is in thier mouth on on thier mind. The biased consciouse hides the reality of thier true obsession or internal desire or curiousity. One truth and major motivation of all man common is the need of LOVE in all of its' form.
That faggot ass geek cant do anything but look at my crotch.
( Example of fuckintruth) The expressed and implied statement and use of grammer in such a way that the truth of thier hearts and hidden desires are exposed to those who know the fuckintruth, even though their words implies a bias opionion. The psychotoss of their loose words to the observer who known a "fuckintruth" sentiment catched the introvert thought of thier crotch and the extrovert observation of thier introverted imagination of the "faggot" eyes. Call them on it and realize that you cannot know the truth without expereincing both sides. One does not speak often of those things he/her are not interest in. These are in need of eduation or freedom of self-denial. They deserve the attention of thier peer to free them as true Americans.
by SIMON CORBIN June 11, 2006
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