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A super secret GHGWGS Facebook group compromised of girls with a mission to expose all fuckboys to the world. Members screenshot fuckboys from text messages, Tinder, Bumble, and other communication platforms where fuckboys can be found. Members can also be found ranting and/or comforting other members with kind words or puppy pictures after experiencing fuckboy related trauma. Occasionally other topics are discussed among members including friend drama, relationship/personal advice, and other popular topics among girls. Membership is highly exclusive.
Heather: Did you see that post in Fuckboys 101 today?
Samantha: The one about the guy who fucked Hannah, ran out the door after, and blocked her on Tinder, Facebook, and iMessage?

Heather: Yes! He unblocked her and wants another bootycall.

Samantha: What a Fuckboy, lets go send her puppy pictures and let her know how undeserving he is!
by iaintaboutthatfuckboylife September 10, 2016
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