A Male human being who is in love with the idea fuckboys but isn't cool enough for smooth enough to become one.
Hey did you see the new kid today?
Ya, Seric is definitely a fuckboy wannabe
by Fuckboy lv 99 August 9, 2017
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a fuckboy wannabe is someone who try’s to act like a fuckboy because they think it’s cool but doesn’t have the looks to be a fuckboy because fuckboys have to be hot.
person 1: oi look at him he’s being a fuck boy !
person 2: no he’s a ‘fuckboy wannabe’

person 1: damn that’s true
by Thatsmarthighschoolgal November 18, 2019
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Someone who tries to act like a fuck boy but can’t get girls.
by What? Ok November 9, 2018
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luke wise is a wannabe fuckboy
someone who is not fit enough to be a fuckboy
hes such a wannabe fuckboy
by basickblackbitch July 10, 2017
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A guy who dresses like a fuckboy and tries to act like one, yet he is just not cool enough or good enough to be one.
B: Omg I think I like yes! But he doesn’t like me back!
A: Are you serious? Your way too good for him!

B: But Yes is smart and everything

A: You’re just mesmerized, he’s a total fuckboy Wannabe
by Your ugly ass mother May 10, 2018
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