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He is the ultimate leader of the fuckboys. He is enough of a bitch to have the ability to not only wear Nike elite socks, Jordan, and basketballs shorts BUT also the next day wear the rich country club boy outfit as well ( colored shorts, vans/Sperry, polo shirt )
- popular
- thinks he's all that
- constantly talks about dicks
- yet is a homophobic
- is an ultimate douchebag
- hey I saw a herd of fuckboys the other day
- was Jake with them? Heard he was the fuckboy supreme
- naw it was a different clan
- he must've given them his blessing for getting pussy
by FandomMania March 17, 2015
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An extremely weak ass bitch fuck boy who is socially awkward. He also often talks disgusting girls because he finds he can often relate to the troubles they have. He tries very hard to fit in to be cool but always fails miserably. He often says very weird words that he thinks will make him cool. He goes to the police to get people in trouble just because he always need to follow the law. Most fuck boy Supremes' often have a ugly girlfriend who they will kiss their ass 24/7. While talking to his ugly girlfriend he will always refer to her as "babe" or "baby" and any other gay name that most people would always be embarrassed to say in public. He is always scared to talk to new people and is extremely shy. The fuck boy supreme is also very poor and mooches as much money as he can from. Besides kissing his girlfriends ass he kisses the ass of any type of authoritative figurer so much that you will not be able to know where his head starts and where their ass ends. In general he posses all the worst qualities you can ever think of. Avoid him at all costs!
Guy #1: Yo dude you need to stop acting so gay and socially awkward if you keep doing this you will almost be as bad the as fuck boy supreme

Guy #2: Oh shit, thank you for telling me. That would be the worst thing in the world if I even came close to becoming like him!

Guy #1: No problem. Just don't ever do anything like that again or we will have to stop being friends and make sure that you disappear from my life forever.
by bro code99 February 09, 2014
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