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The most filthy word possible for female genitalia (ie cunt)
Jessifer: "Ive got a stupid name"
Mike: "Yeah, you fat fuck pipe!"
by Jessifer and mike December 15, 2005
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A slang, derogatory term used to refer to an individual who makes decisions without thinking about the impending consequences.

This term is flexible in that it represents all orifices and organs involved in fucking.

For example, a fuckpipe can be defined as "the pipe which fucks", i.e. the penis.

Alternatively, the fuckpipe can be defined as "the pipe in which fucking occurs", such as the vagina, mouth, or rectum.
That sales guy is a total fuckpipe, he practically gives away the farm without thinking about how it will affect the rest of the company.

That bitch got did in the fuckpipe.

Bill, Ed, and Al put their fuckpipes in each other's fuckpipes.
by TheSumOfAllEvil July 26, 2005
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