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A phrase similar to fuck you/me with a chainsaw. A colourful way to express your displeasure with someone. Colloquially, it is most often used between friends, when you are disappointed with their behavior but still retain affection for them. Sometimes used to imply that you really

don't give a fuck about that person.
"freddy! you said you would water my plants while i was out of town. you didn't and now they're all dead! fuck you with a rake, man!"
"dude, fuck you with a rake. if you're going to borrow my car the least you can do is refill the gas tank"
" Greg cut my hours so i don't qualify for benefits; fuck that guy with a rake."
" ah man, fuck me with a rake; i had to wait in line two hours at the dol and then they closed before i could renew my license."
by PuckGoodFellow November 30, 2015
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by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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