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A bucket usually filled with sweet substances for consumption when life gets you down.

A term coined by David Sedaris while talking about his brother in his short story "You can't kill the rooster."
"Sometimes, you just need to say 'fuck it.' and eat some motherfucking candy." *said while reaching into the fuck it bucket*
by Konatajihad December 04, 2008
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Used to describe any situation, object, or person that you would like to forget about or get rid of.
Angie: I am so upset with Matt right now, he never called me back. I just want to say fuckit!

Kate: Girl, just throw him in the fuckit bucket.
by Angie Annunziata November 20, 2010
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Term used by hack mechanics for a drawer full of unused
nuts, bolts, and parts that never made it back on the car
because the tech is too lazy or stupid to remember where they went.
I had a handfull of bolts left over after replacing that
head gasket. I couldnt remember where they went so I threw them in the fuckit bucket.
by Roadkill455 November 14, 2006
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When you go to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) when you don't feel like cooking. You decide to "fuck it" and spend money on a bucket of chicken.
Kid: "Hey mom, what's for dinner?"

Mom: "KFC."

Kid: "Aw, the Fuck-It Bucket again!?"
by angel31701 August 18, 2010
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Metaphorically, the place you put things that you don't really care about or want to deal with at the time. Also, something you would normally care about, but don't at the moment.
Man, I don't want do this right now. I'll just put it in the "fuck it bucket."

Ehhh...Just put it in the fuck it bucket.
by robdog07319 January 09, 2010
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A car or truck that is driven without regard to keeping it in good condition. Usually beat up to begin with.
I don't care what the hell this car looks like, it's a fuck it bucket
by Adam Sugimoto August 06, 2008
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Also known as the circular file, and more commonly, the trash can, the fuck it bucket is the place in which rejected homework assigments and other things that one wishes not to deal with are thrown. Fuck it bucket can also be used in a less literal sense to show that someone is giving up on something.

The "fuck it" in fuck it bucket comes from the term for which it is named which means "forget this" or "screw it."
Example 1

I didn't feel like doing my homework last night, so I tossed it in the fuck it bucket and called it good.

Example 2

Person 1: How's that new song coming along?
Person 2: Sucks. I think I'll throw this one in the fuck it bucket.
by Salmon Ella November 03, 2009
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