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a person hopelessly addicted to hallucinogenic and/or dissociative drugs, or research chemicals (q.v. rc's) yet to be scheduled by the DEA.

Usually also implies addiction to the attendant abuse lifestyle that often bridges over into stimulant, (methamphetamine etc.) opiate (heroin, oxycontin etc.) and certainly sedative use.

usually found in a position of selling one or more of these compounds and/or other drugs to further support this lifestyle.

not necessarily a term of disparagement.

however the term usually implies a either a careless disregard towards anything beyond the goal of remaining buzzed as long as possible,

or it may imply and make fun of certain frequent effects of long-term dissociative abuse obeserved in the personalities of users.

thus it tends to suggest one is perpetually "fried" which by the connotation alone certainly does not convey the outward appearance of responsibility, enlightenment or overall enjoyability of a persons particular intoxicated state or its outward manifestations to others.
man, that kid sam is a total fry kid, i saw him laced up on lactone and AMT wandering down the street at 3Am in his undershorts.
by vincent black shadow March 06, 2005
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A large amount of pubic hair that resembles the Fry Kids characters from McDonald's.
The woman in the nude shower scene in The Shining has a fry kid between her legs.
by BenWC87 April 02, 2008
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A strange person at a school lunch table obsessed with eating fries. Often the butt of jokes at the table.
OMG Peter is such a Frykid!!! He'll throw them at you if you get him pissed!
by unknownkatana April 13, 2005
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