1. The cheese inbetween your ears and other waxy places.
2. A form of saying "cheese!" to people not expecting to have their picture taken.
3. A cheeky remark used by Resistance players when people flee their games.
4. The expression of happyness after victory in a positive context.
5. The word you say before you teabag someone
(The r in frrrrunkis must always be rolled with a positive connotation)
1. Man, not showering for weeks makes for some nasty Frrrrunkis! See? I can melt away the foam root beer! Awesome!

2. *kicks down the door to a bathroom where a girl is having sex with a very ugly guy* Frrrrunkis! *click!*

3. Oh no, another group flee's from Ph8. Frrrrunkis!! Lets pwn the straglers!

4. I just won the lottery by killing the hobo with the winning ticket and stealing it from him! Frrrrunkis!!

5. *stealth kill* Frrrrunkis!!
by Ninjashoes April 30, 2007
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