A state of paralysis that occurs in the left brain of a heterosexual male upon his first visual encounter with BTS' Park Jimin. It is caused by a combination of shock, awe, and general confusion, and can last up to 9 hours. Symptoms include staring and/or rapid blinking, repetitions of the word "how" and a slackness of jaw which may result in drool. It is simply known as the Jimin Effect when it happens to straight females and homosexual males, but the added layer of confusion resulting in left brain paralysis is what makes Frook Shoken specific to the straight male subset. Snapping out of it will inevitably result in the victim asking "wtf just happened" but it is best if you wait a few hours to let his system recover before exposing him to Jimin again. Just tell him you'll explain later.
'My boyfriend came in while I was watching the Blood, Sweat, and Tears MV and he was frook shoken for four hours, so we missed the movie.'
by LowkeyARMY December 14, 2017
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