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a bunch of jocks who love themselves a bit too much. Who think they own frome college. Often seen inflating their egos with stories of how many women they've had wet dreams about. If seen should be slapped. Not so much army as bunch of wankers.
Whos that being twats over there?
Just ignore them its only the Frome Army.
by anon May 04, 2004
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Originated from a group of high testosterone socially insecure boys attending frome community college. Can be recognised by excessive white shirt wearage and over-inflated egos.
by mr tiddlesworth May 05, 2004
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Big Ego's little dicks, bunch of assholes who are proud to be from a shitty town called Frome in the south west of england, absolute posers
by Jarocho December 14, 2004
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