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from Pharaonic Egypt

a cooler way of saying "from way back when" or "from when dinosaurs walked the earth" or "from times immemorial".
a small boy, from elementary school, and his mother are walking on the street and the boy suddenly says:

boy (who was born in the early 2000's): hey what is that thing in a plastic cabin? is this contraption from Pharaonic Egypt, because, IMHO it literally belongs in a natural history museum, cuz I haven't seen that many, so therefore it must be a rare specimen.

mother: no James, sweetie, this contraption is not from Pharaonic Egypt, or whatever term you just used that's probably from an urban dictionary. It is called a public pay phone, ( mother sighs to herself, yes i am that ancient) and it's used just as a regular house phone when you happen to bve in public and either your cell phone is out of juice and needs to be recharged or you live on your own own a shoe string budget and can't exactly afford to pay an expensive cell phone and/or the bill that comes along with it. All you do is put in quarters, and call whoever you need to call.
by sexydimma February 24, 2012
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