Also known as "Mom butt," the phenomenon that occurs when the bottom of the ass is flat and the top is wider, like a heart. This is most often attributed to lack of definition caused by a hard life, meth use or over use of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and diet pills. Lee or Chic Jeans can intensify this effect. Can be seen at Southern rock concerts.
Yo that chick at the Molly Hatchet show had a mad frog butt.
by Lymon Twist August 11, 2006
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One whos butt resembles wet frog lips. Could include warts, greeness and/or slime.
Whoa dude did you see that chick's butt?
Yeah man she had a total butt frog goin' on.
by buttieppl July 11, 2009
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when you get a frog stuck in your butt and it lays its eggs in. then its frog spawn cause you bad iritation. then you you die
Bob: I got so drunk last week that Jim and Alex gave me butt frog.
Amanda: Damn that sucks ass man
by darth gir December 10, 2006
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