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well frimley consist of not much, basically a high street, and not a particuallary good one at that! you will see many stunning fashions along the street, mainly ecko,burberry and mc.kenzie. mostly modelled by the chav scum!
"frimley is shite"
"look at the scum in frimley"
"at least i dont live in frimley"
by Joe mcLovin October 13, 2007
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Frimley is the social faux pas when a man fails to shake sufficiently after urination and as a result leaves a small wet stain on his underwear. If the shaking is especially inadequate the frimley can spread to the trousers.
"Oi Dave you got a bit of a frimley going on there"
"Oh dear I seem to have frimleyed, how embarrassing"
"Why are you covering you crotch Rob? Have you frimleyed?
by Ritson Baines May 10, 2016
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A generic term for niche sexual deviances, usually involving a submissive male. To partake in such deviances is often referred to as "working at Frimley"
My girlfriend and I are going to work at frimley this weekend.

Did you know Joe likes frimley?
by Dirkfeersum September 10, 2010
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