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The aggregate of family members, friends, friends-of-friends, classmates, co-workers, admirers, etc.--and any combination thereof, past and present--who have become your friend or contact on a social networking site (e.g. facebook, twitter, or MySpace), then follow and comment on your daily activities.
Jason: So I got pretty hammered at the bar last Friday. Photographic evidence was posted and tagged on facebook this morning. Chris: Uh-oh. What has the rest of the frientourage said about it?
Jason: Those who know me IRL didn't have much to say--they've seen it before. A guy I worked with at my last job wants me to invite him along next time. The worst part was my aunt, who saw the pics and told my mom. Mom called all worried and asked if I had "a problem".
by Jason March January 23, 2009
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