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Having sex in doggy style position with your girl, who must be facing the bedroom window and be able to see out into front yard. Unknown to her your best friend is waiting for his cue in the closet as previously arranged. Works best with a buddy who's cock is as close to yours in size as possible, and with lights turned out. You pull out and your buddy slips in seamlessly, picking up where you left off. You then travel out into the front yard and wait for her to look up and see you standing there smiling. Just as you see the look on her face as she realized you're not the one fucking her... you give a friendly wave.
Brad knew Becky was a freak when He and Dimitri pulled a friendly wave on her last night and she waved back at Brad in the Front Yard, not skipping a beat as she turned and looked back to find Dimitri pounding her pussy just the way she likes it....
by Big Bradly March 17, 2017
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