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The point of the first year of highschool in which new students, unacustomed to new highschool curriculum, slack on their responsibility and fail to complete assignments on time, as well as miserably fail their classes. In essence, they fuck up, or in lighter terms, they fall into a large series of mistakes and irreversibly lower their grade point average.
dont go thru freshman fuckup. it really fucks you up.
by Frankly Dontgiveadamn September 10, 2006
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when freshman are a total joke and fuck up all the time especially when they have stupid boring parties and the first time they have the opportunity to have a fun one they screw it up by telling their mommies. #ffu problems!!!!
Teenage girl: Mom! theres a party and I hear there's going to be alcohol!!!!
Teenage girl's mom: KK BRB texting everyones moms!
#freshman fuck up
by fkjkfjadsklfj October 03, 2012
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