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Freshman that have been "captured" by sophomores, juniors, and seniors to engage in epic combat in a pokemon-like fashion.
Names for freshemon are based on actual names.
Guy1: *whistle* standing in the lunch line, staying out of trouble *whistle*
Guy2: Bwahaha I shall cut in front of you!
Guy1: Hey, you weren't there before!
Guy2: Bwahaha we shall decide who gets this spot with a freshemon battle!
Guy1: Okay. GO FRANSAUR!
Guy2: Bwahaha. GO BILLYPUFF!
Guy1: Fransaur use hyper beam!
Freshman known as Fransaur: Fransaur!
Guy2 NOOO. My freshemon has been defeated!
by Some guy who just pwns you February 24, 2009
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