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pronunciation /frē-foot/
1. drawn or executed by foot without guiding instruments, measurements, or other aids:
2. to perform an action or maneuver without the use of your hands or the thought of using hands
noun freefooter
3. unrestricted freedom or authority. An compromised individual unconcerned by moral or legal ramifications:

3. in a freefoot manner; an action performed with a hint of style:
"a freefoot trail" "a freefoot picture" "s/he ran a marathon without shoes, completely freefooted"
"freefooted Jokgu (soccer-tennis match)"

"Don't mess with them s/he's a freefooter, s/he teach you how to pick up broken teeth with broken fingers"

"to draw freefoot" "to walk freefoot" "to climb freefoot" "to hang freefoot"
by BigIrishLug November 16, 2014
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